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Hello beautiful people!

What a beautiful sunny day in London today! The best way to kick-start our Spring to-do lists. Can you believe it’s March already? I mean it was only the other day I was sitting and figuring out my New Year’s Resolutions and here we are, 3rd of March.

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

So today the plan was to Organise our closet, and I thought why not share how I do it with all of you. I usually reorganise my closet every 3/4 months, just because I can’t stand any extra clutter in my house and so I get rid of anything I didn’t wear or have grown out of love for in those few months. So Let’s get started!

1.Clean Out Your Entire Closet. Make four piles and organise the items you 100% want to keep, the items you want to keep but need fixing (missing button, zip, dry clean etc), the items that are good enough to donate and the items that you would like to get rid off.cbaf27d64ed42734a0994dbd1240a466_open-box-clip-art-pink-box-clipart_600-426-side

2.The items that I am keeping start going into seasonal piles. The clothes that I am wearing this season are coming out and out of season items will be stored away. This will allow your closet to look more presentable and will help you pick your outfit for the day much easier. We have turned the attic into a storage room and store our out of season clothes in Zip Up Canvas Wardrobes. I also place an air freshener to keep it smelling pretty always.


3.Always use coordinated hangers to make your closet look clean, organised and spacious. I use the Beige Velvet Hangers for all my clothes. I find these very useful as they always keep my clothes in place. No slipping or tugging which usually occurs in plastic/wooden hangers. They’re also very thin which gives you more space.


4.When placing your clothes back into the wardrobe make sure you colour coordinate. Start by placing the lightest colour in one end and the darkest at the other and work your way until all items are in the closet. This gives structure to your wardrobe and makes items much easier to find. It also lets you know what colour/item of clothing you have too much of if you ever want something new.


 5.Place outerwear separately and make sure you colour coordinate that too.

6.Make sure your underwear and socks are changed regularly. For example, if you buy a new pair of socks, make sure you throw an old one out. Check for holes/rips in underwear and socks and make sure you these are gotten rid off. Do not donate old socks/underwear. Please.

7. Just like your outer-garments are organised, make sure your under garment drawer is also organised. You can use canvas separators or just make sure they are always neat and folded nicely.


8. For the “FIX” pile, make sure a day is organised to go to the dry cleaners to clean and alter those items so you can start wearing them again. It can be very frustrating planning an outfit and when you come to put it on, you notice a missing button or a stain. Make sure before you put your clothes away, check them thoroughly, whether they need to be washed or fixed to avoid disappointment.

9. For the “DONATE/SELL” pile, make sure these item are good enough to do so. If you want to sell your items, you can always create an eBay or Depop account. Organise a day where you take pictures of all your items and upload them. Don’t put that off because these clothes will just cause clutter and that is definitely not what we wants. For clothes you want to donate, you can always contact charities which send clothes abroad to refugees and people in need or give them to charity shops. It is a very nice feeling knowing someone else has benefited from your unwanted items.

10. Finally, remember having a tidy and organised cupboard can give you that extra 15 minutes of sleep each morning. No more rummaging about trying to find that top you  remember you had or fumbling through your drawers trying to find the other sock.

I hope you all enjoyed it and maybe got an idea or two about how to organise your closet. Let me know what you all think.


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