| How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes/Tools |

Hello Beautiful People!

Today’s all about how I clean my make up brushes and all of the tools I use to prettify me! Ideally, you should be cleaning your tools after every use but we all know that’s never going to happen. What I’ve done for the past few months is include the cleaning of my make up tools as part of my household chores just so I don’t get lazy with it. I say brushes and tools because only recently I have started sanitising things such as tweezers, sharpeners, eyelash curlers and even your beauty bags.

Cleaning your make up brushes and tools is so important to prevent any bacteria, germs, dirt and dust spreading and transferring back on to your skin. I have put this to a test and have noticed a huge difference on my skin. I never used to clean my brushes as regularly as I do now and my face used to breakout like crazy. I tried everything and it didn’t work, so one of my friends suggested I clean my brushes regularly. Let me tell you this did wonders to my face.

Just like you remove your make up, cleanse, tone and moisturise your face everyday, your brushes also need some lovin’ and taking care of. This will keep them sanitised and ready to use every time you reach for them. I have definitely faced the struggle of going in to blend your crease with the perfect soft brown only to find black residue from last week’s night out.

Another key advice is to never use other people’s brushed or sponges. This will result in so many issues such as the risk of infections being transferred, or developing acne and we definitely can’t afford to have any new pimples.

Celebrity Make Up Artist Toby Fleischman also mentioned that cleaning your makeup tools on a regular will also help lengthen the lifespan of your tools and keep them in tip-top shape. With that being said, there are certain amount of years which you can have products for before you have to throw them away.

The most important thing is to clean your foundation brushes/tools/sponges after or before or after each use. Since these are used pretty much everyday and all over your face, they are the most common to dirt and bacteria build up causing problematic skin.


Cleansing Wipe

Baby Shampoo

Coconut Oil

Silicone Mat

Solid Soap

Liquid Soap

Cleansing Wipe


Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol

I hope you have all enjoyed reading about how I clean my brushes and tools and why it’s so important to do so. Let me know how you clean yours and what you think!