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Hello Beautiful People!

So a couple of weeks ago, I popped into boots just to repurchase my usual skin care items as I was running out on a few things. I restocked on one of my holy grails and then noticed 2 items similar that I hadn’t tried before and let me tell you this, I am in love.

 Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (PINK CAP)

So let’s get right into it. The item I restocked on was the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (PINK CAP). I have been using this particular cleansing water for about 2 years now ever since the hype started about the Bioderma Micellar Water. We couldn’t get it here in the UK and it unreasonably priced for a cleansing water. So I thought I would try this as the alternative and it’s just as good if not better than the Bioderma.

I use this daily; morning and night to cleanse, tone and refresh my face. I take two cotton pads, dispense some of the micellar water on them and use it all over my face. I have very sensitive skin and this produce is so gentle leaving me with smooth glowy skin. At night, I use this to take my face make up off and if I’m not wearing heavy eye make up, I also use this. No doubt, you will still have to wash your face just to get all the gunk off as it’s not very good at removing waterproof and long-lasting make up.  In the morning, I use this just to freshen up after I wash my face, kind of like a toner.

I also use this as a quick remover if I am changing my make up look form day time to evening. And because I love it so much and works so good, I also have a mini version which I travel with to remove my make up on the plane. This one is generally hydrating unlike the green cap one which is quite dry and mattifying.  Overall I would definitely recommend it to everyone with any skin type as I know so many people with different skin types who use it and I have heard nothing but great things about it.

Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water

Moving on, the one of the new products I’m loving at the moment is the Garnier Skinactive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water. This is a wonderful product that is so gentle in removing long lasting and waterproof make up. No harsh rubbing required and removes make up so easily and smoothly. I used this product once a day; each night to remove my eye make up (mascara + eyeliner) and sometimes on my face if I had a full face of make up on with long lasting foundation that doesn’t go with the cleansing micellar water above. To use this, I shake the bottle so the water mixes with the oil and then I dispense it on 2 cotton pads and gently swipe them on each eye to remove the make up.

One of the great things about this product is that it does last a long time and you get so many uses out of it. I usually purchase the 400ml bottle and that probably lasts me around 3 or so months. Personally I think its worth it for the price you pay. You only need minimal product on your cotton pads because generally the oil is so quick at removing make up.

With my sensitive and combination skin, this product does feel hydrating when used on my face, more than the original micellar water. Probably due to the infused oil. However, I do prefer a more clean finish on my skin rather than a little greasy finish from the oil residue if you know what I mean. That is why I tend to use this first and then the original micellar water on top. Obviously everyone has their own preference but either way, I always make sure to wash my face every morning and night.

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water Combination & Sensitive Skin

So this final product I feel like is a combination of both the Original Micellar Cleaning Water & the Oil Infused Cleansing Water. I use this when I’m on the go and need a quick but effective make up remover. This product was made for combination and sensitive skin and work perfectly for that exact skin type.

I personally have a sensitive and combination skin, oily T-Zone and some dry patches on my cheeks and forehead. This is more dry than hydrating I would say, therefore I would usually use it on my T-Zone because I do feel it clings a little on my dry areas. It does make my skin feel fresh and firm but the only downside is that it sweeps away my natural oils too. It work great in removing waterproof mascaras and long lasting make up just like the oil infused but without the scent and the oil residue that I’m not a big fan of.

Generally, I do like this product however, I don’t think it’s suited for everyone as I have heard mixed reviews about it. I do prefer to use the above products instead so I don’t think I would repurchase this just because of the alternative products.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and let me know what you think of these products if you have tried them!


| How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes/Tools |

Hello Beautiful People!

Today’s all about how I clean my make up brushes and all of the tools I use to prettify me! Ideally, you should be cleaning your tools after every use but we all know that’s never going to happen. What I’ve done for the past few months is include the cleaning of my make up tools as part of my household chores just so I don’t get lazy with it. I say brushes and tools because only recently I have started sanitising things such as tweezers, sharpeners, eyelash curlers and even your beauty bags.

Cleaning your make up brushes and tools is so important to prevent any bacteria, germs, dirt and dust spreading and transferring back on to your skin. I have put this to a test and have noticed a huge difference on my skin. I never used to clean my brushes as regularly as I do now and my face used to breakout like crazy. I tried everything and it didn’t work, so one of my friends suggested I clean my brushes regularly. Let me tell you this did wonders to my face.

Just like you remove your make up, cleanse, tone and moisturise your face everyday, your brushes also need some lovin’ and taking care of. This will keep them sanitised and ready to use every time you reach for them. I have definitely faced the struggle of going in to blend your crease with the perfect soft brown only to find black residue from last week’s night out.

Another key advice is to never use other people’s brushed or sponges. This will result in so many issues such as the risk of infections being transferred, or developing acne and we definitely can’t afford to have any new pimples.

Celebrity Make Up Artist Toby Fleischman also mentioned that cleaning your makeup tools on a regular will also help lengthen the lifespan of your tools and keep them in tip-top shape. With that being said, there are certain amount of years which you can have products for before you have to throw them away.

The most important thing is to clean your foundation brushes/tools/sponges after or before or after each use. Since these are used pretty much everyday and all over your face, they are the most common to dirt and bacteria build up causing problematic skin.


Cleansing Wipe

Baby Shampoo

Coconut Oil

Silicone Mat

Solid Soap

Liquid Soap

Cleansing Wipe


Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol

I hope you have all enjoyed reading about how I clean my brushes and tools and why it’s so important to do so. Let me know how you clean yours and what you think!


| 20 Chic Nail Designs For A Bride To Be |

Hello Beautiful People!

Here is some of my favourite nail art that I have found which will be perfect for any chic bride to be on her wedding day.

For my wedding day, I got acrylics in a very natural sqoval {square/oval} shape. I got a simple soft white tip mani and pedi which went perfectly with my OTT dress! fbeb1f4a93b4054f377703490bdb283d

I believe getting your nails done is a must to destress before your big day. It just gives you that little bit of time off to unwind and put your feet up while your being pampered. For me, it’s the most therapeutic feeling because you can’t use your phone, you cant do anything but just sit and relax. So today I’m sharing some of my inspiration the most trendy & chic bridal nails.

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Urban Decay Setting Spray Review


Hello Beautiful People!

What a better way to start the week than to talk about some of my fave make up products. So recently, whilst at the airport, I didn’t realise that I had put my 118ml bottle of my most trusted setting spray (all-nighter) in my hand luggage rather than in my cabin luggage. So of-course just my luck they took it and threw full bottle straight in the bin when we were going through security. I wouldn’t have usually cared but come on.. the bottle was full and I really needed it.

So as soon as we passed security, of course I went straight for the Urban Decay counter and repurchased it and thought while i’m at it, let my try out the Chill spray too. So now I have had a try of the All-Nighter and De-Slick for about a year and the Chill for about a month and a half. It was about time for me to do a blog post on how I feel and what I thought about them.



Let’s start off with my most favourite.. All Nighter. Before I purchased this setting spray about a year ago, I read so many reviews because I am prone to acne and I can’t try out just anything. A few of my friends also recommended this out of the 3 and would always suggest I give it a go. So I did and I absolutely fell in love! It does just as it claims. This product delivers ‘calibrated microfine mist’ which sprays so lightly and evenly on the face and with a few sprits’ applying the perfect amount for your make up to last at least 10 hours. No need for touch ups or reapplication.

I have a very very oily T-Zone so this literally helps it from slipping right off my famous throughout the day/night. It helps my make up last that much longer. It work well with/without powder and keeps your face looking fresh and flawless. I would say this spray deserves all the ‘hype’ and I would recommend it to anyone, oily/dry/combo skin. This product could be used with other products like eyeshadows/bronzers/blushers to make any look more vibrant. I sometimes apply this before my highlighter, and then apply highlighter and reapply this. Makes your highlight POP! 


RATE – 8/10


So with this one, I had to think a few times before purchasing this one only because the reviews I read weren’t so great and many people recommended the all-nighter as opposed to the De-Slick. But I thought hey, what could go wrong? I’ll just try it out.. NO. Let me tell you, this product did not work well with my face at all. I actually tried to hard to like it but I just wasn’t able to. First thing’s first, I couldn’t bear the smell of this spray. I don’t know why this is the only bottle out of the 3 that has a stronger scent.

Secondly, it claims to control oils, deflect surface shine and keeps skin looking matte. What I experienced was slightly different. Even though it did control my oiliness for a few hours, not nearly as much as the all nighter, it wasn’t able to keep my skin looking matte. While I’m not looking for super matte skin when I apply this, I am looking for it to look a little less greasy. This does the opposite and something in this product leaved my skin a little more greasy than before application. I did find another use for it, when I would spray it on my beauty blender before applying loose powder to my face and I would also use this to spray on brushes to get long lasting eyeshadows.


I would recommend anyone thinking of purchasing this product is to buy the smaller travel sized one, try it out first and then if your happy with it go for the full sized one. Personally, I wouldn’t repurchase this again due to the fact that it doesn’t do what it claims and thats really annoying because it’s not the cheapest product out there.

DE-SLICK £23.50

screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-19-00-34RATE – 4/10


Last but not least, this cute little Chill bottle. I purchased this product because the glow it gave to my face and just the hydrating effect it gave me. The first time I used this was on the plane where my skin was so thirsty for something and let me just tell you it saved me! I wasn’t actually expecting much from this product because it was just described as a cooling setting spray but it does what it says and more.

It lived up to the claim of actually chilling the surface of your make up to make it look like it has just been applied. It keeps you looking so fresh, with or without make up. I actually use just like I would with the Evian Brumisateur facial spray and keeps skin and make up looking fresh and pure. It fixates moisture in your skin without any greasy effect and at the same time gives you the glowy highlighted look. The microfine sprays evenly and I would say this one doesn’t last as much because I use it so often. I use this when I’m wearing little or no make up on whereas the all-nighter would be used with a full face just for the “all-nighter” effect.

I highly recommend this spray, although for the on the go fresh look rather than the heavy duty make up look. I would repurchase this and I would like to always have it in my make up collection as it make me feel so pretty. 

CHILL – £23.50

RATE – 9/10

I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know what you think if you’ve tried them.


Everyday Simple Make Up

Hello beautiful people!

Today I will be sharing with you my everyday make up for a very simple, fresh and glowy look. This is an effortless makeup look which you can change about using these products or similar products.


This is my go to make up look and can be changed about for day time as well as evening just by switching up a lipstick, defining your contour or changing up your eyeshadow. It is long lasting and perfect for any outing.

Let’s jump straight into my daily products!!screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-13-38-49


  • First thing I use after I moisturise my face is this oh so beautiful TOUCHE ÉCLAT BLUR PRIMER by YSL. At the moment I am loving this primer so much because it does what it says and blurs out all you\r pores and imperfections ready for a perfect canvas to start on. I use 1 pump of this all over my face starting with my T-Zone and it allows my make up to stay on all day without any touch ups.




  • Whilst my primer is setting, I get on with doing my brows! For my eyebrows, I use this brow pencil called GOOF PROOF BROW PENCIL by BENEFIT. I use this in the shade number 3 and it glides so smoothly over my brows. This is the perfect colour for me to enhance my brows and blend very well when I want to add some little hairs using this on the beginning of my eyebrows. I then brush it out with the brush on the other side which makes life so much easier as I don’t have to 2 products in my hand when I’m doing my brows because I brush them after each stroke for a soft natural finish.




  • Now that my primer has absorbed into my skin, I screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-13-48-06go in with a pump of my foundation. This is the ALL DAY LUMINOUS WEIGHTLESS FOUNDATION by NARS. My shade is PUNJAB. I have already talked about this in my previous blog post. I applied this foundation using my beauty blender for a more even and flawless finish onto my face. This was perfect as I had a full day planned and it did not smear or smudge at all. I do skip my under eye area as I will be applying more of it after I am done with doing my eyes.



Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 13.40.18.png



  • After my foundation has set well, I start on my eyes. For a natural and soft look, I am using this eyeshadow palette, WARM PALETTE by MAC. This palette is very versatile and many make up looks can be made using this palette. I first apply the colour BRULE all over my eyelid. This is a classic make up look and the bright colour will allow the crease colour to look more deep and prominent making your eyes bigger. I also use it as a matte highlight shade for the inner corner of my eyes and under my brows. After that I apply the colour SADDLE which is an orangey brown colour across my crease using a very light hand and building it up. This will ensure the colour isn’t too harsh and making use that by blending it well there will be no harsh lines. I also use this colour  under my lash line to soften my make up look. Finally, I go in with an angled eyeliner brush and use the colour Dance in the Dark as a soft liner look just to make the whole look more natural without any strong colours on my face. I also use a very small amount on my lower lash line.


To make my eyes bigger and allow them to pop a little more, I apply this nude eyeliner on my bottom waterline. This is the perfect colour as its not as harsh as a white liner and doesn’t make your\ eyes smaller like a black or \a dark colour does. It looks very pretty with the blended shadows applied under it and transforms the whole eye look. This is the COLOUR DEFINITION EYELINER & KAJAL by KIKO MILANO in the shade 01. This eyeliner has a twist end no need for any sharpening.





To curl my lashes, I use this very famous eyelash curler by SHU UEMURA. This is hands down my most favourite curler of all time. I have repurchased this twice and have used it for the past 5 tears. It comes with an extra pad and I would say that each pad should be replaced every 6/9 months. I could not recommend this enough. I believe it’s a staple in you\r make up collection.



To finish off my eye look, I apply the HYPNOSE MASCARA by LANCOME. This is a very lovely mascara and makes your lashes super long and fluffy. I use it for both top and bottom lashes. It is not clumpy at all and the brush is perfect for separating your lashes. It’s not the most volumising mascara but if you would rather have longer lashes with a bit of volume, this is the mascara for you. I have stopped using waterproof mascaras because they damages my lashes and I use this one in the black colour for an enhanced look.



I don’t usually use bronzer for an everyday look, because I to use a cream contour and just blend it out so it looks very natural and nothing to strong. For this, I use this FOUNDATION STICK by BOBBI BROWN in the colour ALMOND 7. This is an orangey brown colour and I use a stroke on each side of my cheek and then blend it out with either the side of my beauty blender or a stippling brush. The colour looks so nice and natural and blend so smoothly.



Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 13.47.15.pngTo highlight my face, I apply this cream highlighter called MOON BEAM by BENEFIT. I have used this as well as HIGH BEAM for a almost 7 years and I can definitely say either one of the colours or both are a must have in the make up collection. I remember once in high school, my friend was going through my make up bag and she took this out and said “this nail polish isn’t good, doesn’t` work properly” I couldn’t believe she had just said that. I’m glad we’re past that and now she’s definitely knows her stuff. Anyway, I use a stoke on the highest pointe of my cheek and i blend it out with my fingers or a beauty blender. The gold particles in this looks so stunning when the light reflects on it and it look so illuminating and natural.

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-13-44-10 For my lips, I pair these two lip products which I know have been hyped a lot but I still love them. I use the MAC LlPLINER in the colour WHIRL to line my lips and blend and then I use the MAC LIPSTICK in the colourVELVET TEDDY all over my lips and gives the perfect nude/brown lips which suit most people as a natural lip shade. I don’t usually over line my lips but if I wanted to, this would be the perfect shade for me.



To finish off this whole make up look, I use this MAC FIX PLUS face spray inthe scent YUZU. This was in a recent collection they had and I am hoping they bring it back. It is the same formula as the original FIX PLUS, however, this smells so refreshing and so hydrating. I use this all over my face just to keep it looking extra hydrated and I also use this before my foundation and after my primer, just to combat any winter flakes.





Aaaand that’s it for my simple make up look! Thank you for reading lovelies!





My Current Fave Foundations

Hello beautiful people and happy Sunday 🙂

So let’s start of with my skin background. I’m 22 years old and at the moment my hormones are crazy and all over the place. For the past couple of months my skin had been breaking out so badly due to my intake of Norethisterone tablets when I went on my honeymoon. Anyway, so I have combination skin, oily T-Zone and some dry areas due to my breakouts. My closest mac shade is probably an NC20 which is recognisable by all. I’m doing this review based on my their performance on my skin colour and type, so I do understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tee!




This is a very popular foundation and probably suits just about everyone. I have used this foundation for the past 6 months and I feel that everyone should have this in their make up collection. The formulation is very sheer and watery and can be applied in multiple layers. I bought this to be able to take on my honeymoon as I wanted a light foundation which can be built up if i wanted a more heavy look and this def did that for me. The coverage is light to start with but more layers can be applied smoothly allowing it to be built up to a medium coverage. It does not look streaky or cakey and it is the most natural foundation I have used. Even after 3 layers it still looks so natural like my skin just with a more balanced texture as it doesn’t cling on to dry patches or pores.

Because the consistency is very watery I either use my fingers, stippling or a buffing brush to apply it. I do not recommend a beauty blender for this because it will just soak up all the foundation. It is very easy to apply and blends like a dreams. I mainly use it as an everyday foundation, if I’m not doing much or if I’m in a rush as it doesn’t need much work. It is very dewy when first applied but that can be solved with a dab of translucent powder which will dissolve into it and make it look flawless. For super oily skin types, I would recommend a primer before applying and this def set it with some powder.

PRICE- £22



This is nice matte long-lasting foundation with great formula and wonderful packaging. I went into the Nars counter to actually purchase the Sheer Glow foundation but ended up getting this one based on my skin type and the recommendation from the girl who worked there. This is my second bottle that I have purchased and I absolutely love this. Firstly, the shade I have, Punjab is the perfect shade for me and it blends in so smoothly into my skin. The formula is very light, rich and pigmented and therefore one pump goes a long way. The claim of a 16-hours of wear is not entirely true however, it will last a whole work day without any smearing as long as it’s powdered well.

Even  though it is called a luminous foundation, it has no shimmer, oil free and actually dries matte. It is a very similar texture and finish to the Chanel Perfection Lumiere however, this one suite acne prone skin and did not break me out like the Chanel one. The texture of it allows it to cover any breakouts and discolouration with minimal product usage. This foundation is known to be lightweight with a medium coverage and can be built up to a full coverage using a beauty blender. You can even choose to wear is as a light coverage just by using a duo fibre stippling brush.

I recommend to shake the bottle before using it and pumping it either on you\r hand or straight on your face but not on the beauty blender. 1 pump goes a long long way and unless you need maximum coverage the go for a pump and a half. After that I usually highlight with the Nars Radiant Concealer as they go so well together and then set it in with a translucent powder such as the Laura Mercier one.

This foundation comes with a pump dispenser which makes it very easy to use unlike the sheer glow or the sheer matte with just a twisted cap making it very messy. I grab this foundation on days where I am going out for lunch or dinner or just enjoying a nice day out and sometimes when I’m feeling to wear a full face of make up to work.

PRICE – £34



If you are looking for a full coverage, glowy, and smooth foundation then look no further. This Kat Von D does which it’s named after, it literally locks on to your skin and does not budge. I tested this foundation a lot before i bought it. It’s so pigmented and full coverage, you need to purchase the correct shade because a slight difference in shades between face and body will be noticeable. The best this is it has soooo many different shades for different undertones and therefore picking the right shade for you is very simple.

This foundation applies very smoothly, it has a pump so again, like the nars I recommend half a pump for an everyday foundation and a full pump to get that FULL coverage flawless make up Instagram look.  It also has a small pin-like stopper which is cute. I always apply this by shaking it, then applying it to my hand and with a damp beauty blender just dab dab dab on my face! This foundation doesn’t need a second layer trust me!

It dries out matte which is great for people with oily/combination skin, however a primer needs to be used for the overall flawless tattoo effect. For people with dry skin, I recommend to moisturise very well before application because it may cling on to dry areas. I avoid using this under my eye if I am applying concealer because it will get too heavy and will start creasing with too much product under the eye. I have heard that it breaks some people out so def try it with some samples before purchase if your skin is sensitive and prone to breakouts. To end, I spray some some setting spray just to break off that all matte look and make it more natural and then I’m good to go.

I mainly grab this product when I need heavy full coverage for a celebrations like weddings, parties or a night out as it does give that glamorous effect that I love for occasions.

PRICE – £27

Thank you for reading and let me know what you think about these foundations!