20 Ways to Prettify Life

As I began my new journey into married life, I wanted to figure out how I can make each day effective for myself while at the same time benefit those around me. Here are 20 things I believe each and every one of us could find useful in our oh so busy day to day lives. The more you grow the more you realise that life gets more and more hectic and therefore adopting a few of these habits each day will allow us to create a positive mindset naturally.


  1. Drinking warm lemon water in the morning has many benefits to your digestive system. Firstly, it will hopefully replace your coffee cravings! I’m a big coffee drinker and when I have my lemon water I usually don’t feel like having coffee after just to maintain my healthy start. Other benefits include, of course the Vitamin C kick from the lemons, boosting your immune system. Another easy weight loss tip, as lemons are high in pectin fiber and therefore reduce those hunger cravings while at the same time flushes away waste materials in your body!!
  2. Drinking green tea before bed has become a new favourite of mine. There are sooooo many different flavours to choose from and I also add in some mint for a more relaxed and cosy feeling. Here’s a few benefits I found about green tea: Burns Calories (2-3 cups burns around 100 calories daily), Improves Brain Function, Anti-Oxidants lower the risk of Cancer, Strengthens Tooth Enamel, Lowers Diabetes & Cholesterol, Detoxifies and many many more!
  3. Dress for yourself. If I had a stay at home day, I used to stay in my PJ’s alllll daaaay loooong!         NO.     Don’t do that. Make sure as soon as you wake up you get changed, no matter what your doing, even if you’ll be watching TV all day, just get changed into something else. Doing this has made me eager to get up earlier and be more productive with my day.
  4. Every once in a while you will remember someone you used to work with, be friends with or just someone you knew. Call them, send them a message, doesn’t have to be long, you can keep it nice and brief. Sometimes it’s nice hearing an old familiar voice.
  5. Last year at New Years, I began writing one good thing that happened each day on a little piece of paper and put it in a box, even if I had the worst day ever I would still find that one small good thing. This New Year, I took out the box and opened each one of them. It made me smile. A LOT. Or you could just look through these little papers when your not having the best day and cheer yourself up.
  6. I am such a homebody. I love staying at home, but at the same time I realised, getting up and even just going for a walk could be the most refreshing thing you can do. Even if its up and down your street. Just go out, wander, discover.
  7. I married someone who loves going out. So when we were engaged, we used to go out at least 4 times a week. My friends would always come to me if they wanted to go somewhere new to see or eat. Change is nice, and no matter where you live, Im sure you haven’t discovered every single place around you. I live in London and I hear people say there’s no where to go. -_-. There’s everywhere to go!
  8. Having a pamper day/evening is just essential. Male or Female, you need it. Just paint your nails, put on a face mask, do your hair, indulge in some chocolate, watch a movie, have a bath. JUST RELAXXXXXXX.
  9. I am a big lover of donating/getting rid of things I don’t want or need. Having a clutter free home allows you to love the space your in. Make an organisation list and start decluttering and organising a cupboard or a room each week. You’ll realise you have a lot of things just for the sake of having them.
  10. The first thing I though of when I started my meat free day of the week is WHY?! Then I searched and found so many benefits for our well beings (reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity) as well as for the environment (reduce our carbon footprint and save precious resources like fossil fuels and fresh water).
  11. Get those extra hours of sleep at night, not during the morning. You’ll feel like a queen when you wake up honestly!
  12. This one probably takes a lot of strength but at the end of the day, the only one who will be holding on to that grudge is you. Forgive and move on. Life is the shortest thing imaginable, don’t spend it moping around something that you wont remember in 5 years from now.
  13. Dropping loose change in the same jar each day could do something for you. You could put it towards a ticket to your dream destination, or splurge it on the designer bag you’ve been lusting over! My friend and her fiancée did that for an entire year from their engagement and they ended up paying for a honeymoon ticket with it!
  14.  I’ve seen so many people write a letter to your younger self but what use is that? i think writing a letter to your older self and reading it in a few years will make you realise how much you have changed and how much you have accomplished. Always look forward. Don’t spend time sitting and writing about all the things you regret or the things you could have done instead. I live by the quote of everything happens for a reason.
  15. Putting your phone down and engaging in a conversation with the person or people with you will allow you to get into topics or discuss things unimaginable. Come up with things to talk about or things to do.
  16. Constantly comparing yourself to someone else brings so much unwanted negativity. Every one you meet is fighting a different battle you don’t know about. Focus on bettering yourself.
  17. Take as many pictures as possible! My husband always says enjoy the moment and stop taking pictures. I love capturing special moments and then creating memories. When we sit down and look at pictures that I’ve forced him to take its a lovely feeling reminiscing those memories.
  18. Believing in miracles gives us hope for everything. Believing in something much greater than us allows us to practise gratitude as well. A wonderful trait to have.
  19. Compliment yourself and others as often as you can. You’ll soon realise that one small compliment can change and uplift your mood for the whole day. Compliments are free and they don’t hurt I promise.
  20. LIVE IN THE MOMENT. My husband’s number one advice which I have been trying to do as much as possible. Enjoy all the things that you do and and strengthen the roles you have been blessed with


Let me know what you think and enjoy xoxo