My Current Fave Foundations

Hello beautiful people and happy Sunday ūüôā

So let’s start of with my skin background. I’m 22 years old and at the moment my hormones are crazy and all over the place. For the past couple of months my skin had been breaking out so badly due to my intake of¬†Norethisterone tablets when I went on my honeymoon. Anyway, so I have combination skin, oily T-Zone and some dry areas due to my breakouts. My closest mac shade is probably an NC20 which is recognisable by all. I’m doing this review based on my their performance on my skin colour and type, so I do understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tee!




This is a very popular foundation and probably suits just about everyone. I have used this foundation for the past 6 months and I feel that everyone should have this in their make up collection. The formulation is very sheer and watery and can be applied in multiple layers. I bought this to be able to take on my honeymoon as I wanted a light foundation which can be built up if i wanted a more heavy look and this def did that for me. The coverage is light to start with but more layers can be applied smoothly allowing it to be built up to a medium coverage. It does not look streaky or cakey and it is the most natural foundation I have used. Even after 3 layers it still looks so natural like my skin just with a more balanced texture as it doesn’t cling on to dry patches or pores.

Because the consistency is very watery I either use my fingers, stippling or a buffing brush to apply it. I do not recommend a beauty blender for this because it will just soak up all the foundation. It is very easy to apply and blends like a dreams. I mainly use it as an everyday foundation, if I’m not doing much or if I’m in a rush as it doesn’t need much work. It is very dewy when first applied but that can be solved with a dab of translucent powder which will dissolve into it and make it look flawless. For super oily skin types, I would recommend a primer before applying and this def set it with some powder.

PRICE- £22



This is nice matte long-lasting foundation with great formula and wonderful packaging. I went into the Nars counter to actually purchase the Sheer Glow foundation but ended up getting this one based on my skin type and the recommendation from the girl who worked there. This is my second bottle that I have purchased and I absolutely love this. Firstly, the shade I have, Punjab is the perfect shade for me and it blends in so smoothly into my skin. The formula is very light, rich and pigmented and therefore one pump goes a long way. The claim of a 16-hours of wear is not entirely true however, it will last a whole work day without any smearing as long as it’s powdered well.

Even  though it is called a luminous foundation, it has no shimmer, oil free and actually dries matte. It is a very similar texture and finish to the Chanel Perfection Lumiere however, this one suite acne prone skin and did not break me out like the Chanel one. The texture of it allows it to cover any breakouts and discolouration with minimal product usage. This foundation is known to be lightweight with a medium coverage and can be built up to a full coverage using a beauty blender. You can even choose to wear is as a light coverage just by using a duo fibre stippling brush.

I recommend to shake the bottle before using it and pumping it either on you\r hand or straight on your face but not on the beauty blender. 1 pump goes a long long way and unless you need maximum coverage the go for a pump and a half. After that I usually highlight with the Nars Radiant Concealer as they go so well together and then set it in with a translucent powder such as the Laura Mercier one.

This foundation comes with a pump dispenser which makes it very easy to use unlike the sheer glow or the sheer matte with just a twisted cap making it very messy. I grab this foundation on days where I am going out for lunch or dinner or just enjoying a nice day out and sometimes when I’m feeling to wear a full face of make up to work.




If you are looking for a full coverage, glowy, and smooth foundation then look no further. This Kat Von D does which it’s named after, it literally locks on to your skin and does not budge. I tested this foundation a lot before i bought it. It’s so pigmented and full coverage, you need to purchase the correct shade because a slight difference in shades between face and body will be noticeable. The best this is it has soooo many different shades for different undertones and therefore picking the right shade for you is very simple.

This foundation applies very smoothly, it has a pump so again, like the nars I recommend half a pump for an everyday foundation and a full pump to get that FULL coverage flawless make up Instagram look. ¬†It also has a small pin-like stopper which is cute. I always apply this by shaking it, then applying it to my hand and with a damp beauty blender just dab dab dab on my face! This foundation doesn’t need a second layer trust me!

It dries out matte which is great for people with oily/combination skin, however a primer needs to be used for the overall flawless tattoo effect. For people with dry skin, I recommend to moisturise very well before application because it may cling on to dry areas. I avoid using this under my eye if I am applying concealer because it will get too heavy and will start creasing with too much product under the eye. I have heard that it breaks some people out so def try it with some samples before purchase if your skin is sensitive and prone to breakouts. To end, I spray some some setting spray just to break off that all matte look and make it more natural and then I’m good to go.

I mainly grab this product when I need heavy full coverage for a celebrations like weddings, parties or a night out as it does give that glamorous effect that I love for occasions.


Thank you for reading and let me know what you think about these foundations!