| 20 Chic Nail Designs For A Bride To Be |

Hello Beautiful People!

Here is some of my favourite nail art that I have found which will be perfect for any chic bride to be on her wedding day.

For my wedding day, I got acrylics in a very natural sqoval {square/oval} shape. I got a simple soft white tip mani and pedi which went perfectly with my OTT dress! fbeb1f4a93b4054f377703490bdb283d

I believe getting your nails done is a must to destress before your big day. It just gives you that little bit of time off to unwind and put your feet up while your being pampered. For me, it’s the most therapeutic feeling because you can’t use your phone, you cant do anything but just sit and relax. So today I’m sharing some of my inspiration the most trendy & chic bridal nails.

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